Penetration Testing

We offer comprehensive Penetration Testing services that simulate real-world attacks scenarios to uncover weaknesses.

Our team of highly skilled and certified ethical hackers will assess your systems, identify potential entry points, and provide actionable recommendations. We use OWASP Top 10 as our recommended standards when it comes to penetration testing.

We would assess the application base on your approach, this can be done through white box, grey box or black box approach.

This involves having full access to the internal structure, design, and implementation details of the system being tested. Testers have knowledge of the system's code, architecture, and internal logic. They use this information to design test cases that target specific paths, conditions, and functions within the system. White box testing aims to assess the internal integrity of the system and identify issues such as logic errors, coding mistakes, and security vulnerabilities.

- Grey box

Testers have limited knowledge of the internal workings of the system, such as its architecture or specific algorithms, but not the complete understanding that white box testing provides. They typically have access to high-level system design documents, requirements, or limited code snippets. Grey box testing allows testers to design test cases based on an understanding of the system's behavior, interfaces, and data flows. This approach helps uncover defects related to data integration, communication between components, and system-level vulnerabilities.

- Black box

Testers approach the system as an external user, with no access to the source code, design documents, or internal functionality. Black box testing focuses on validating the system's functionality, requirements, and behavior against the expected outputs. Testers create test cases based on inputs and expected outputs, and they assess the system's responses without knowledge of how it achieves those results. Black box testing aims to simulate real-world scenarios and user interactions, identifying issues related to usability, functionality, and compatibility.

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